Who are we?

Team Astroyogi

“At Astroyogi, we are reimagining the way people access traditional Eastern services. We are leveraging technology to give our customers the best possible service, selection, quality and value in different services.” Founder & CEO Meena Kapoor.

Astroyogi made an early start in 2001 as a content creator for leading internet and telecom partnerships such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL and later on moving to the Value Added Services domain and working with telecoms as the largest provider of both creating and curating content and services in India.

In 2016, Astroyogi recognising the tremendous need for a high-quality solution in the astrotech space, launched India’s first app for those seeking online guidance with complete privacy while maintaining exceptional quality.

Why do we do it?

Our Vision and Mission

As a growing tribe of millennials move towards seeking esoteric and spiritual solutions to meet their mental wellness needs, so did our focus on providing them a professional experience with authentic service providers. Meanwhile, our teams continue to work on new modalities related to Reiki Healing, Vedic Practices, Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda, looking ahead.

Our Vision:

To help young people across the world find guidance, direction and happiness in their life.

Our Mission:

We are working to build the world’s largest community of people who seek, learn and share astrological, spiritual and well-being experiences on a single platform in a transparent, trustworthy and credible manner.

Why customers trust us

Today, Astroyogi enjoys a relationship of trust with customers in over 85 countries, backed by a network of more than 2000 widely-acclaimed experts. For the service providers this is a flexible way to earn and presents us an opportunity to not only strengthen grassroot economies but identify and connect our customers to those providers that are authentic and genuine. This is a core goal for us and is a key reason why our customers trust us. They see we are committed to quality and privacy. No length is too much for us to ensure our customers worldwide trust us.

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Our Story

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Happy Customers
Trusted Professionals
22 Years