Refund Policy

All refund requests will only be processed back into the user’s Astroyogi Wallet.
All sales on the Site/App will be final and will not be refunded into the bank account of the user.

By requesting a refund, user is agreeing to provide Astroyogi’s Quality Audit team permission access the recording of the consultation for which refund has been requested, in order to determine whether the case is fit for refund.

Astroyogi Audit team’s decision on processing the refund is at the sole discretion of the team and such decision is final in nature.

Astroyogi Audit team will, on a best efforts basis, provide partial/full refunds to users in their Astroyogi Wallet wherever quality parameters have not been satisfied. It can take up-to 24 hours to analyse and refund the amount back to Astroyogi Wallet.

Refunds into the Astroyogi Wallet will be entertained in the following cases:
(a) Disturbance over the call due to weak signal strength, background noise, Partner Astrologer being inaudible, etc.
(b) Partner Astrologer is unable to answer fluently in the language mentioned on his/her profile.
(c) Partner Astrologer is found to take an inordinately long amount of time to respond to a user's query.
(d) Partner Astrologer is found to provide an irrelevant or inappropriate response to the query posed by the user.

Note: No refund requests will be entertained for lack of accuracy of any consultation. As Astroyogi is an intermediary, Astroyogi takes no responsibility for factual accuracy of any consultation.

All refund requests have to be placed within 24 hours of consultation.You can write to us at